Comment: Yeah that one took an unexpected turn

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Yeah that one took an unexpected turn

Basically people got in touch and said give it another look. So I started looking and kinda "saw it". 3 empty lots and one with a cape house on it. How much for all four properties? Cause that's a farm. Then I started looking at apartment buildings. A bunch of us could team up on one of those.

So there's theoretically a research team but it hasn't yet picked up steam. The discussions are all basically about "yeah but it's full of drugs and gangs". My feeling is we can deal with gangs, it's still the politicians what worry me. The gun laws are simply ludicrous and while there's zoning changes under consideration, there's no real legal provision for urban farming that I'm aware of and that goes for plants and animals.

It's a conflict in my mind but I'd consider it with the right group.

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