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Comment: The nuclear option on mortgages. Let them eat yellow-cake!

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The nuclear option on mortgages. Let them eat yellow-cake!
Help wanted. Editor for elite propaganda. Have bank statement. Will travel.

Investors ... Ha! I can fool some of my investors... And I can fool all of my investors... [Smirk.] "We bundled & peddled those crappy liar loans. Of course we knew what to expect. did a better job navigating through the rape & pillage risks of the collapse of the whole damn economy! prices of real estate...We certainly let 'em have it [smirk]! probably did royally screw the whole damn world! better on [that] than we did in managing our relationships with the wider society... Screwed 'em! Enough said. to say it wasn't perfectly executed is an understatement," said Blankfein.

Goldman Sachs' reputation came into clear focus under fire amidst the fallout from the nuclear option. the global financial crisis.

In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil fraud suit arguing that the bank built the financial equivalent of a time bomb that was set up to fail and sold it to unwitting investors, referring to the sale of a structured product, known as a collateralized debt obligation (CDO), blamed for contributing to the bursting of U.S. real estate bubble in 2008. [Roll eyes. Show an expression of utter disbelief. Smirk.] ...

Let them eat yellow-cake!

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