Comment: I think he was guilty

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I think he was guilty

of something. He just wasn't proven guilty of 2nd degree murder. Burden of proof is on the state as it should be. Justice may not have been served but the state should have chosen it's charges more appropriately, as in, something it could prove. So, IMO, GZ was protected from the state thanks to the bill of rights. I think this prosecution went exactly as it should have.

BTW, this is the first time I've posted about this. I've tried to stay out of this conversation because I think the whole thing was a waste of taxpayer money and should never have been tried because, again, the state prosecution knew they could not prove the charges from the start. This was all just used for race baiting. Frankly I'm tired of hearing about it and more importantly, I'm surprised that anyone calling him/herself a libertarian cannot come to the same conclusion I have...this is a win for liberty...the state was restrained by our constitution and lost its case.

...and that's all I have to say about that...