Comment: absolutely agree, and i am

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absolutely agree, and i am

absolutely agree, and i am absolutely sorry......i have a level of trust here on dp then i do other sites.....even now i hve not read the article, and am takeing your word......I WILL NEVER CHANGE THAT ABOUT ME...i think its very important to take people by their words, "my word is my bond"..those who break.....well that their choice and something they'll have to live with, even if they dont feel one bit of remorse in their life, but i try to remind myself of the pitfulls, especially so when its about things that are serious, life in general.......regardless of whats fact, if we were talking in hypotheticals on the possibility of the two situations here.....the SUBJECT of the headline AND the SUBJECT of your post, if hypothetically both subjects are true, then my views stand

not sure if what im trying to say is getting across here,
ill just leave it here in the abyss of the internet regardless.......oh you beautifull abyss.......that doesnt sound right:)