Comment: live to fight another day

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live to fight another day

There is one thing i would like to bring up that i have had heard almost no one talk about in this context and that is how chemtrails tie into all of this...before i start getting called a coward and have people say i dont love America let me start by saying i have spent over a decade serving this country (USN), my father served, my uncles have served and both my grandfathers served this country. not one day goes by where i dont have this battle of do i stay or do i go. I have come to my own conclusion that this kickoff will be some sort of NBC attack (nuclear,biological,chemical). If a tac nuke goes off somewhere inside the US imagine how people would react, especially if someone outside the US is supposedly claiming responsibility.People would BEG for the gov to save them, but what if they were the perpetrators. Nato,UN,or foreign troops would be hailed as our saviours because they came to help. as far as chemtrails goes i think all they would have to do is change the chemical mixture and one night alot of us (not just in the u.s.) would go to sleep and never wake up, if we are that lucky as to not suffer before we go.I think what we see now is testing. i really believe chemtrails is going to tie into this bigtime! Maybe they will make it look like some accident or maybe it will be in plain sight. But i have a gut feeling the initial attack will be so devastating that several millions will probably die within the first 24-48hrs. whatever is left over they will send in the mop up crews. they already know which houses to go to first. I have always had a hard time believing the Gov would engage us in a door to door fight, why would they with the types of weapons they have.i hate to say it but they are way too smart for that. If something that catastrophic as a NBC attack happens, you can bet your ass they will be dovetailing in the financial crash and world government into this in one fatal swoop. my collection of pop guns and training will do little against what i believe they will be hitting us with, although i am still vigilant i just want to survive the initial attack because then is when the party starts. Just my 2 cents.

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” ~James Thurber