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Yes I am

I don't think it caught the establishment off guard at all. I think there are plenty of things happening in our states that are being overlooked because of snowjob and zimmerman.

I don't believe any part of the USA has been harmed, just as I don't think that marijuana smokers who spend 10 years in prison have harmed anyone.

This "leak", National leak, has gone global. Why?

America can't take care of it's inside problems? Or is the Obama administration and tptb ready to move on from the "American experiment" and give us a UN global government?

Why was this made into a global issue?

Meanwhile, have you read the news in your state? Janet Napolitano should have been questioned over this.. and instead she retires to UC? Why? This happened under her watch, and she just walks away.. no big deal. Nothing to see...

And I don't think this just happened. I think Snowden was played and I think the UK has a BIG part in it.. time to adjust the US colony to the empire's role in the UN global government..