Comment: Hitler loved by Germans? Not really... 33% of vote

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Hitler loved by Germans? Not really... 33% of vote

His own regime tried to assassinate him. You yourself just made the point that people fled the Reich in droves.

I'm not calling those who were able to get out once the extermination started cowards. I'm calling those who let it get to that point cowards. And there were those who fought, too. I'm obviously not talking about those individuals.

This is a different situation in America today. To try to make it a direct comparison is wrong.

We know what is coming. We have history, and what happened in Germany, as hindsight. We can still prevent it. Prevent worse.

If you flee NOW, that is cowardice, really. You are not in that great a risk of direct harm to you or your family... yet.

If more patriots are gone, then it may come too that.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?