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It all began when I decided to find out why Ron Paul would say, "Israel is our friend".

For a few days, I could find NOTHING about Israel that gave me any reason why he would say that. I found nothing but reasons why we should not want to have anything to do with Israel, especially the treatment of Palestinians.. all the reasons everyone here has said, I saw all that, (knew all that from years ago, Bush administration and beyond).

And then I started coming into videos that showed me the permaculture and agriculture developments. What they were doing was amazing. And I noticed that the people there were free to build and do what they wanted. They had communities, Mushavs, where the police were militas, trained by the IDF, everyone knew everyone and were self policed.. if there was some national attack, they could be called up for national duty to defend Israel, but basically, these people were free to build their homes as they wanted, free to come and go from their towns, they were connected, like if the police department was more like your volunteer fire department.

Then I saw how they were improving forests, 20%, and bringing rare life back to thriving, the fishing was abundant, they were not only growing their own food, but exporting 40%.

They are working to get off oil, so they are highly advanced in solar, using ceramics not silicon. I saw that they were making products on these Mushavs that operated plastic businesses, clothing, basically. most everything. They are sending products to the USA and other nations and the cost we pay is shipping and USA government handling.. so many of the products we get from Israel are not only better than Chinese, but less costly.. and I began seeing business opportunities, things they were doing that we could be doing. Their schools, the arts and sciences, one professor from a Harvard located there said, that because most students have spent two years in military training, they come to school and debate, unlike the USA where students are been spood fed, the students challenge the professors and university and this makes them all very competitive and it'e exciting, never stagnant, never boring, graduating indpendent thinkers.

I also began watching the documentaries about the wars, and the history, and the more I watched, and this includes movies, and Palestinians movies, and I saw that MOST Palestinians want to live in Israel because THEY LOVE ISRAEL. They want to be part of Israel. They want to be FREE.

Israel has it ALL. It's biggest problem is so many people from around the world want to move to Israel, there is constant settlement problems.

The biggest enemy of Israel in the U.N. because Israel, when it joined, refused to give up it's sovreignity. It doesn't need or want a UN Agenda because it's better than any UN Agenda.

And when it comes to counter culture.. Israel's concerts ROCK, you can smoke, drink, dance, no one pats you down.. they have a drug problem, but there laws are far more lax than the USA. Their gay parades are the biggest in the world everyone gay or not turns up and supports INDIVIDUALS RIGHT to be themselves. It matters not what you are, it matter that you are genuine, real.

So, this is how I came to LOVE Israel and think we should be more like Israel. For example, this NSA situation. If we were Israel, we wouldn't get rid of NSA, we would turn the tables and focus the spying on government, each in our own communities.

There are also Kibbutz, these are communist.. you own nothing and are expected to work and share everything. Many people try to get a start there, but the vast majority of Israel is independent. They speak English and many languages. It is the most cosmopolitain place on Earth, they have history, culture, arts, science, tech, ag, they have a balanced budget..

And all this I began to see the situation not as I did, I began to understand, it is the enslavers who want us to HATE Israel, blame Israel, not be like Israel.. Be like Palestinians, with no state, just blame, and unable to blame Islam and live.

I am planning on going to Israel in 2015. I want to stay a few months as there are many things I want to do when I am there. Maybe, I can plant some redwood trees.