Comment: America still has a lot going for it and

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America still has a lot going for it and

it is quite difficult living abroad long term where you have to cope with the language barrier on a daily basis.
That being said, if you can get a decent job abroad and you are are still pretty young (under 40), living abroad for a while can be good. It gets harder as you get older in my experience, though. (I just returned to the US after living in Germany for a few years).
But I wouldn't leave the US just because of the problems here. All countries have problems of one kind or another, but it is difficult to help improve things when dealing in a foreign language. You can never fully express yourself. It is better to get involved in a cause you believe in and work to improve your own country and immediate community. A word to the wise...

If you still want to go abroad but aren't that interested in tackling a foreign language, you could go to an English-speaking country like New Zealand. It would be much easier living in a place like NZ long term, I think. Of course it is easier to do if you do not have to work for a living.