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Shot Over Firecrackers

Younger brother(25 and minority) of a friend was shooting firecrackers with a friend in california at 2 am. Was phoned in as possible gunfire. Swat team like cops arrived and jumped the gun, literally. Shot him in the chest. Pulled a tarp over him and waited 30 minutes before calling ambulance. Told ambulance driver to take back streets, not highway..that he was a goner. They planted a gun on him and said he fired at them. Two surgeries...$500,000 bail when he got out. In this type of a situation...near LA...the police, lawyers and courthouse are in cahoots. Don't know how it will turn out. He may well go to prison for shooting firecrackers. The family has money and has hired a supposedly good lawyer.

When it hits close to home...someone you wake up to how bad it has gotten. There are good cops, but they have a hard time in a corrupt environment.