Comment: Makes me wonder

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Makes me wonder

I wonder what the Supreme Court will say about "us" informing the public of a check-point up ahead?
Eventually...someone will be arrested and it will have to be addressed by the courts.
We already know they "uphold" these unconstitutional check points.
I think the sign needs to be a little larger, and I really don't think people can hear you with their windows up, going 70 mph down an interstate highway, however, we could hear you on the vid.
Years ago this was actually done by the police in Florida, they would place a sign alongside the highway warning motorists of a check point ahead...people were throwing out their "stashes" (illegal drugs) and the cops would confiscate it...
I wonder what happened to all those confiscated stashes.
Now, all we need is a few more patriots in each community...The Florida Highway Patrol will actually "inform" the public of when and where they will have a's in the local newspaper.
So...How can cops get upset for citizens doing the same thing?