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you must think we are stupid

The so called See Russia from my house comment was never made by Palin, it was an SNL skit.

Palin said, she was the only Governor to get monthly National Security briefings because of Alaska's proximity to Russia.

She is 100% correct.

Palin had went from school board to City Council to Mayor to Oil and natural Resources Commissioner to Governor, nearly 15 years in public service vs Obama who went from Community Organizer to a year and half stint as State Senator to 150 days as US Senator and who never held an actual job. I say she was correct.

The question to Palin was not name a Supreme Court Decision, it was name one you disagreed with besides Roe v Wade.

People forget, Joe Biden asked the same question by Couric and he could only name his own "The Violence Against Woman Act" um however it never went to the Supreme Court, it was Federal Court, he couldn't name another.

But the big thing that people forget, is that it is standard procedure for Candidates to get prep sheets from interviews on what they will be asking. The campaigns get these, Biden received his from the Obama campaign staffers.

Palins handlers from the McCain campaign sabotaged her, did not give her any of the prep material, just threw her out on her first major interview to get blindsided and they did it on purpose. That's why Palin refused any of McCain's handlers after that, and picked her own.

The big thing, is that interview was on the eve of the VP debate, which Palin did very well against Biden and his crazy smile.

If people would quit getting their info from MSNBC or the HuffPo or SNL they would know this.