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If you follow

Palin through the campaign she began moving away from McCain policies with about a month to go, then with about 2weeks to go before election day, she really started to bash them in public.

Reagan picked Bush for his VP, Ron Paul backed Reagan, in the end Reagan was a fair president, probably better than what we had for a long long time, by no means perfect. But also not a CFR, Globalist

But Bush on the other hand CFR, Globalist, etc.

McCain was never going to win, the writing was on the wall, Palin was inserted to put the blame on Conservatives for the loss by one Bill Crystal who never met her or talked to her. They take a really good Governor, who was not a national player, conservative and whom gave all kinds of hell to the GOP Alaska Party establishment, same ones we kicked out at the Caucus up there and tried to purposely make her look bad. Why? Because the establishment could get rid of her in Alaska and maybe Nationally forever, and blame a it on a gun loving, pro lifer that gave birth to a Downs Syndrome baby and practiced what she preached and didn't abort, plus the campaign knew her daughter was Prego and Palin dressed like a woman, not a pants suit Hillary man hating type.

So you have to ask, Joe Lieberman was going to be the VP, but he seen the writing on the wall and said no way to the train to nowhere and old Crystal of course didn't want to blame the loss on the establishment. As Palin said, she was shocked when they asked her.

If it was me and even if I knew McCain was a NeoCon, but of course I would accept because that gives you a foot into the door.

Palin was probably one of the first, if not the first to back Rand Paul, she has always had good things to say about Ron Paul supporters and told her supporters to back our efforts to stop the corruption at the national convention and then told them to support our people running for the GOP chair in Alaska.

Palin has come along way, even tossed out McCains foreign policy advisors in 2009 and inserted a more non-interventionist foreign policy advisor for SarahPac. The establishment GOP hate her more than Ron Paul, and that is why you should know she is no neocon and no party hack.