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Comment: Passive Agressive schizophrenia

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Passive Agressive schizophrenia

My instincts say this guy is down playing and hiding what he knows.

The huge bomb shell here is at.. 12:03 When the Interviewer asks
"Scott are you familiar with the MOSAAD?
Response from Scott: "NO". Scott states that he don't know what MOSSAD is, but later at.... 15:34 Scott says that he gets multitudes of emails questioning him about MOSSAD. So why does he state in the interview first that the does not know what MOSSAD is then he uses the term at 15:34 Question ask to Scott:
"Are there common themes in the emails, do allot of them talk about IzUnReal?"
Scott Response:
“I get a couple that say is there any Israel, was there was there any truth to them being MOSSAD?"

(Note that Scott stutters during this response right at the point where he refers to IZUNREAL)

Scott admits that he was familiar with the term MOSSAD and knew before the interview that MOSSAD is linked to the people he arrested that day! Yet he states earlier in the interview that he does not know what MOSSAD is.
He uses it with authority speaking with a term that he seems to have understood very well before this interview. So why would he try to persuade listeners that he doesn't understand the term MOSSAD? When he later gives indication that his previous actions were possibly a lie. If that was a lie how much else did he alter or leave out from the truth of that day? And why?

Thank you AFP very excellent interview.