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Comment: Libertarians Are the First To Move

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Libertarians Are the First To Move

I think libertarians are the first to move (philosophical libertarians are often INTJs who can see around corners). They kept going west, to places they did not know, but could envision. They also saw what was coming if they stayed where they were.

Most people have to experience something bad enough to get them moving, not just imagine it. They can't see it until it's in front of them.

The same thing is playing out on a national and global stage -- some of the libertarians are planning floating countries and space colonization, while everyone else complains about the weather.

It will be interesting to see how it works this time, with few options for leaving. The libertarians will have to stay and fight.

Projects like the Free State Project, Sandy Springs, Georgia and others could start making a difference: seeing is believing. This is why there are programs to take inner-city kids to visit college campuses: so they can see an alternative future.

What do you think?