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Give Palin credit for wanting to learn. She admitted she learned a lot mostly from Ron Paul and spoke very highly of him many times. She had a large base of sheeple grazing on her words and almost woke more than a few of them up, Then, before deciding whether or not to throw her hat into the ring in 2012, Palin went to Israel to talk to Bibi and decided not to run after that meeting. Red warning flag right there.

Deciding not to run for the presidency in 2012, instead of endorsing Ron Paul, the man who taught her so much and of whom she often spoke in glowing terms, she turns around and endorses his opponent, Gingrich. Huge red flag on that one!

If, for whatever reason, Palin felt she could not publically endorse Dr. Paul, why didn't she just not endorse anyone? I dunno, maybe it's a cultural thing but, where I come from, her endorsement of anyone except Ron Paul would be considered immoral. Better to just clam up, if you have a reason not to do the right thing.

So, while I agree with what joeinmo wrote, the bottom line is indeed "how come Palin didn't endorse Ron Paul in 2012?" My thought is it's because she can't be trusted.

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