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Kevin nobody is claiming

Sarah Palin is Ron Paul, especially on foreign policy, Supreme Court rulings etc, that comparing apples to the study of the molecular structure of apples :)

Sarah was about state and local government, mostly local and really had no clue about foreign policy.

I can assure you many many here on the DP never knew about the Federal Reserve, how the government manipulates it citizens, etc. before Ron Paul, that doesn't make us bad, we just didn't know. Palin and the Paul's are NOT members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a rarity in national establishment politics. It should be a key indicator of who you should trust?

I think Sarah Palin is a good American, she cares about the country and the country she leaves to her children, she does not flip flop on her core beliefs. When she was thrust in national spotlight, her foreign policy was very limited, but she has grown to come our way, and I think she naturally gravitates our way because of her coming from a regular household, Average American family in a very libertarian and independent State. Is she a Constitutional genius like Ron Paul - NO, but you don't have to be, to be a patriot. Nothing wrong about being cautious, but I can tell you month after month, statement after statement she is learning the truth and she is coming our way. So keep up your guard, drop the old McCain picking her stuff and she might be another ally in this fight.