Comment: Yep Bill Kristol

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Yep Bill Kristol

My bad I have auto correct on, I guess Billy Crystal is more populat than Bill Kristol in my auto, lol

I think Palin wanted a brokered convention, she helped out candidates by State, after Iowa she kinda pushed Paul, then Newt, then Frothy etc. But she never pushed or endorsed Romney. I hit some Palin forums and that was the tactic of her supporters. She even said when asked if she was drafted at a brokered convention, "I wouldn't say no, anything can happen at a brokered convention" and she said, "I want this nomination process to go to the end" and when Frothy and Newt dropped out and they asked her to endorse Romney, she said NO because "there are still other very good candidates running (Meaning Ron Paul) and states that have yet to participate"