Comment: Horrible to who? YOU?

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Horrible to who? YOU?

The Patriot Acts are no foundation?

Do you have an army?

As a chef, I have worked in many kitchens. Every executive chef and sous chef running the kitchen has his or her own way about running the kitchen. Now I can argue, with them. I can point out what Culinary Institute, or Wiley’s or Johnson and Whales, or Kroc has to say in running a kitchen. I can point out serve safe, HACCP laws, and I can even report them. Or I can point out what Escoffier, or Careme, or competitors have to say, and argue with the chefs how they should operate their kitchens. How long do you think I will work in that kitchen doing that?

Instead, I bring my principles, “clean as you go”. That might not be their principles, and some are not set up, so rather than debate, I get in and do the job or quit. And I have quit, some very popular high profile restaurants because the way they operated was not safe, or even honest. I didn’t even ask to be paid for the work I did. I walked.

I don’t appreciate the way the USA is going. I could move to another country that was better suited, if there was one, and the only one I found is Israel, which I do not qualify, though, if I had the money, I would, but I don’t, and I don’t have the connections at this point. OR I could get in and work to change what I don’t like and this is what I am doing.

I am no different there than here on DP. I say what’s on my mind and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not afraid of being wrong in hopes of being corrected, and I will adopt.

Miserable life. Not mine. I LOVE my life, I am grateful to God for all the blessings and I work / volunteer/ contribute to share those blessings.

Same with DP. I have been on top and I have been on the bottom, do I leave when I’m on the bottom? Do I quit because DP isn’t MY way? Or do I stand for what I believe and let the chips fall? Because there are many people here, I like, we don’t have to agree. I’m not seeking popularity but exchange of ideas.

You think that’s miserable?

How’s your own life?