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Meaningless Threat Due to Immaturity?Granger

Granger is entitled to her opinion based upon a comment made on a site frequented by young people. She is, perhaps, entitled to call him a "loser" based upon that one comment. I have heard little about the nature of the site...other comments this kid has made...the degree of sarcasm and immaturity. Should he be watched for comments made elsewhere and his profile? Idon't know. Given our surveillance state I am sure that can be done. However, if he was a kid who typed something ugly without thinking, he does not deserve $500,000 bail and ten years in prison.

Since you mention "all innocent children" and threats against them I immediately thought of drones. IMO they constitute a threat against innocent children and the evidence is the number of innocent children murdered by somebody playing the "drone game" at a keyboard. Unfortunately that is no game. It is reality.

Then I thought about slurs thrown out without thinking first by even adults. Slurs like "jihadist"
name calling of anyone who might have compassion for Palestinian children and others. Or.
calling people who do not back Israel's agenda 100% Neo- Nazis.

Apples and oranges? Not to me.