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dont forget "classified

dont forget "classified documents" the GOVERNMENT was not cleared to have and was actively keeping the details secret on their ability to gather those "classified documents" while we could all guess what the ndaa, patriot act and other bills, where giving them a abilities, snowden actually, and in my opinion, rightfully, curcumvented the "secrecy" in order to inform the public of the DETAILS (or more detail then we had) of the end results to those bill we all strongly suspected could have been used for no good......yes, some of this is vindictation of our beliefs, but by far, it is not the sole reason for the support of such actions as whistleblowing on corruption.

And i see and agree with you on the governments response, i just see other possibilities for them.....i completly agree that, AS PER USUAL (when did you think we stopped that line of reason), that the us government will, and by all accounts, have been using all and any PUBLIC crisis, to push or sneak bills under the table........what i think you are not picking up on, in the supporters of the whistleblowing, is we see, for lack of a better term, seing in a split second, unusually a bad player on the field having a good game, last seconds on the clock, the ball passed to him literally on his home line, and a suspiciously clear path to a home run........we are cheering his run, giving him our support, and hoping for the best.......and if he should not make it, then i will chear the next guy who finds themselves in the same position, TWICE as loudly, TWICE as heartily, with support, with hope, and with luck

This not about one man, one is about one message, the same message we all have, and a chance to have something, anything, finally get the snowball rolling..........quite frankly, i am surprised at some of your responses granger, you are putting snowden suppoters into one group and assuming no variation, i dont deny there wont be a possibility of those who are as you say, but you seem to be generalisating ALL of them into this mold you have described.......i dont know if you might be doing this to keep folks on their toes, or that you dont realise you are exibiting what i would classically expect from the neos, a republican neo, a war mongerer.......i dont say that to offend, and i dont expect you not to get offended, i am just stating how it seems to be coming across........paranoid enough to think whether your account has been hijacked......POSSIBILITY, and recognised as such, not an affirmation of unknowable fact, i.e. i believe i have seen a few posts where i have agreed with you on obscure (few discussions) thoughts.......that is not to say i now disagree with everything you will ever say, but it will be seen in a new light, for the purpose of understanding better where you are coming from.......where that outcome leads, who are who you are granger, im not asking you to change, im just saying, and im not asking you here to care, im just saying my spider senses feel like they want to tingle

Anyway.....that was my wall of text, i should have probably kept to my self