Comment: I am Sure That You Want Free Markets

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I am Sure That You Want Free Markets

As a seller of a home, I want someone to tell my prospects the reason why this is a good time to buy. The Realtor group is similar to a specialized Chamber of Commerce - designed to promote industry wide business for their Realtor brand name. The BAR is also an industry trade group, except they are also a government sanctioned monopoly.

In a free market, buyer beware is the key concept. As a buyer, you get unlimited choices, but you must make sure that you trust but verify.

However, you wanted to know if 2006 was a good time to buy a house? It depends. If you had a large family in 2006, you would have needed a place for them to live. If the mortgage payments were lower than home rental, it might have been an excellent time to buy. On the other hand, if you were planning to buy and hold for resale, you would have lost big time. Everyone's situation is different and no one can predict the wild centrally planned market.

A marketers job is to tell prospects why they should buy now.

Full Disclosure: I personally do not like the Realtor MLS stronghold and I try to stay away from this group that I belonged to at one time. But they have a right to promote their businesses and I support that right. Also, you have a right to compete with their MLS stronghold and a few people have done that successfully. You can compete with Realtors but you cannot compete with the BAR (lawyers monopoly)- that is the big difference.

Gene Louis
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