Comment: Was it a violent threat to you?

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Was it a violent threat to you?

No. I did not make a violent threat to you.

I once thought of you as a personal friend. We emailed each other, even shared things, until I found, Israel.

I sent you vids, sharing with you, my amazing discoveries about Israel. You became silent. You IGNORED them. You didn’t watch one vid I sent you, made no comment about what I shared. Then you became passive aggressive, and now you are out right aggressive making posts against me, and not just about Israel.

What you have to say about Israel, is exactly what Jihadists, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Ayrians, UN globalsists have to say. So, if the shoe, "boot", fits, be proud. Wear that boot and kick my ZIONIST butt with it (actions proving what you are).


You're here to hang me out on DP, in the public. An open act of character assassination. And to think I thought you were a friend. YOU, of all people here, had an inside opportunity to discuss with me ONE on ONE, as your friend, as you watched me morph in emails I shared with you, and those who I thought were MY friends. Look at you now.

You've certainly showed me, and everyone else what kind of friend you are. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't consider you a friend. I don't even consider you friendly.

Just be glad that I am not like you, because if I were like you, I would take all those personal things about you and smear you. I’m not like collectivist you, and I don’t want to be like you in any way, shape or form.