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Educate me

What classified documents? UN classified documents? EU? UK?

I think Snowden was set up.

We have whistleblower laws. Why not go to The Judge Napolitano? Why go to a guy who doesn't live in the USA? Why not be part of the solution to restore the republic to constitutional government, which goes global?

Thank you for a very thoughtful and honest post gomez. Though you disagree, have many doubts about me, disagree with me on many levels, I respect your thinking, though I don't agree with some of your conclusion, that spidy sense thing, or that I generalize ALL posters, I think some are cheerleaders who just want to be in a majority, some are globalists who have an agenda of undermining the rEVOLution, some want a hero and are desperate, some don't like America, HATE America, anything anyone can do to dissolve America they are for, and very few remain on DP who want to restore the government to constitutional government.

So, though we disagree, I respect you for thinking and sharing those thoughts, as it gives me food for thought. You were the only one here.