Comment: You Have Brought Out Another Excellent Point

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You Have Brought Out Another Excellent Point

Almost anyone can easily pass the test to sell real estate (every State is different). The tests that I know about are basic and straightforward. Usually there are no opinions or political nonsense in the agent and broker tests.

On the other hand, the test to become authorized to practice law is full of monopoly garbage that is the opposite of common sense and the opposite of free market economics. It take a lot of boring school time to learn the thinking process of the religion that the BAR preserves with their tests.

When a lawyer tells you that you would not have a chance in court without one of his buddies, he is probably right - you are shopping in a market that was created by his monopoly and designed to force you to buy his services.

When a real estate agent tells you that this is the best time to buy, you can bypass the agent and find a home on your own outside of the agent's marketing system - and save a huge commission and maybe bypass possible lies about the market.

That is the difference between a free market and a closed market system dictated by the state.

Gene Louis
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A Citizen-Operated Legal System.