Comment: The Best President? How About the Worst President?

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The Best President? How About the Worst President?

Presidential service can be measured in political shades of gray, not all dark (bad) verses all light (good). You can state that some positive milestones happened under a president's administration as well as some negative events.

But when a man who is appointed by the people in official capacity as president, believes in a flawed ideology of governance and uses freedom and equality as his personal fasces to put into practice wanton and numerous acts of perdition against those who entrusted him with such defined authority that results in the decimation of lives and property on a massive scale to effect such political objectives, then such a man must be condemned as a charlatan of representative government, a purveyor of lies, deceit and treachery.

A president who make war on his own people is a psychopath of evil. There can be no justification to destroy the commerce of a principal region of the nation, kill its people, and leave it in chaos and ruin.

Abraham Lincoln established a thralldom during the reconstruction of the southern states of America. The pretense of ending slavery masked the agenda of unbridled servitude to a monstrous federal government. Lincoln created a new classification of American slavery.

History is cyclical in nature, it repeats itself over and over throughout the chronology of human existence. We are contemporary witnesses to the growing strangulation of financial debt, the media’s distortion of the truth and the starvation of the people’s will to be free and unfettered. We elect to put ourselves and our children into oppressive bondage. We continue to participate in the charade of “fair” elections.

If we don’t want another Lincoln, another Wilson, another FDR, another Truman, another Bush ’41, ’43, Clinton, Obama, etc., then stop giving credibility to this corrupt system. Other may continue proselytizing the farce: hoping, praying, exalting their candidate of choice. The correct course of action is no action, unequivocally, “none of the above”.