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No, that was some liberal propeganda

And I say propeganda because so many people don't understand what is going on between occupied and unoccupied Palestine (Occupied Palestine is the Islamic name for Israel because they refuse to recognize Israel).

In Corrie's case, she believed that she was saving a home. Based on what she sees on the surface, most would agree. I did.

Then I learned the treaties in place, and have come to the conclusion, that those who want a global government, and this includes Miko, are opposed to Israel's sovreignity (as Israel is the ONLY nation to sign into the UN and REFUSE to abandon their sovreignity). I wish we have not given up our sovreignity.

The vid I posted, "The Legal Case for Israel" (I had posted Palestine, but the vid is, "The Legal Case for Israel") is not opinion. It explains the treaties, the history of those treaties, what Israel's rights are. Most people don't have a clue. Rachel Corrie did not have a clue. I believe if she did, she would have been building homes for Palestinians rather than trying to save homes that are destined to be destroyed for many reasons.

Israel has communities called Mushavs, or Mushavas, and Kibbutz, and then there is the cities, common areas. Each Mushav is self governed. The people who live in the Mushav are like a volunteer police department. They live there, work there, are relatives, most everyone has training from the IDF, so if there is a national call to defend, they come together, or if there is a problem on a Mushav, they can call on neighbors. Israel does not ship it's IDF globally to police the world. They have divisions, border security, city security.. but it's very different that the USA where police are transfered, don't work where they live, seperated from family.

Corrie came up against the border patrol that had orders, and those orders followed a traties, and she was USED, and went out of her way in her passion to do the right thing. It's like a person who does not know how to swim trying to rescue someone who is drowning in a suicide attempt. She lost her life, and the one who made the attempt uses her life in an attempt to further their own agenda.

The UN woulds like us all to be stateless Palestinians. I would rather be an Israeli with a Mushav and neighbors I know, and work, and a home I could build any way I like. Freedom is popular in Israel.

So funny.. that freedom is within walls and those outside the walls want enslavement for all.