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I based it on this comment"I

I based it on this comment

"I hope they arrest him bercause he accepted classified documents that he was not cleared to recieve and he threatened America"

youll have explain the sarcasm if ive missed it here, but if i take that as an honest statement, then to me, you are arguing that snowden, apprehended documents, documents that should never have been there to apprehend to begin with

If your arguing he is being setup, well, i have no way to disprove that, as i have no way to prove that he is'nt, i understand that.....but there is another thing that is happening here that goes beyond snowden, and what he may or may not be.....awareness, public not gonna claim this one to be the one that changes everything, as i believe it will only take a spark, where ever it may come from, but i sure as hell think it brings us closer to the water trying to escape a bottle thats constantly being filled, we may not be their yet, but we'll get there, as long as the water keeps flowing, the awareness keeps growing

as for folks who would see your government "rebooted", ill have to admit, i feel like that more and more myself, a disatisfaction with your government, NEVER,.........NEVER, its people.....i see you as two seperate entities

that wasnt me that minused you by the way