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This Is Why I Like You, Granger

But if you want to promote the Liberty Message you need to remember who your friends are, and at the right time, be ready to kick the pretenders to the curb.

We need people who can hob nob with the political riff raff and can stomach staying within the system long enough to see it reformed, or dismantled. But don't become co-opted by your team spirit.

Support the message in the context you've adopted, but not at the sake of becoming an apologist for those who would destroy the very principles for which you claim to sacrifice. Don't kid us. More importantly, don't kid yourself.

The regime and their control apparatus is inimitable to the fundamental American principles of Liberty. You know this.

You are right that the problem isn't the NSA any more than it is Obama, nor Bush before him. Nor is the solution any one man, nor agency of men. It's not one or another law or enabling act.

Is the tiny box from which your myopia peers out promising any clearer vision for solution? ... Or do you allow yourself to become part of the problem as you fall in line .... Like a 'Holder' of Their line. Left, now Right flank.

Do YOU care? Consider:

[ Please read this amazingly apt, ironically partisan, response to your current sectarian sentiments that predates your remarks, and the whole Snowden episode, by 3 years. Ron Paul knows who his friends are. Do you? ] :