Comment: Ok ... if we are going to be cute

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Ok ... if we are going to be cute

and cite from wikipedia which has no weight on this topic, then I am going to slam dunk this ...

Per EVERY CONSTITUTION in the UNITED STATES, what BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT has authority to establish an occupational license?

Is it the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, or JUDICIAL branch of government?

If you answered anything other than LEGISLATIVE BRANCH then please cite the specific constitution that allows an executive or judicial branch of a state to enact law(s) which establish and ordain occupational licenses.

This is why there will never be an occupation license for law from a LEGISLATURE or ignorance of law will be an excuse. Bar certificates come from the JUDICIAL BRANCH because state supreme courts can set their own rules which has nothing to do with licensing the occupation of law.

If you answered LEGISLATIVE BRANCH then please cite a statute or code from any of the several states of the United States of America which establishes a license for the occupaton of law. I don't care what wikipedia says. Show me what a legislature has said.

But even if we are going with wikipedia, the section titled United States begins with:

"Lawyers in the United States must be admitted by each U.S. jurisdiction in which they intend to perform legal services"

Which is clever legal language stating exactly what I stated. Perform for hire legal services in a specific jurisdiction and you have to get permission to use that intellectual property ....