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Hedges is a self proclaimed socialist

You think he's Ron Paul's friend? I guess I don't know who Ron Paul's frieds are. Actually, if Hedges is Ron Paul's friend, I don't have to guess. I'm completely clueless.

I am not promoting the Liberty Message. I am not a messanger. I don't see it as my job to promote the Liberty Message. Ron Paul was GREAT. I don't have that gift.

I see my job as materializing that message in my county, and as a county seat, in my state. It's my job uphold constitutional conservative issues, stand against liberal (socialist) and globalist issues.

I am blessed that I live in an area where independence is important to people. Many here are far better messangers than me, but they do not shpow up to meetings, debate or cast votes at meetings.

As for this "falling in line".. let me put it this way, being I have been a wiki user for as long as I can remember.. when Bill Clinton came into office, I began hearing the phrase Neo-Liberal. Neo = New = NWO. It was no shocker to hear Bush Sr call Bill Clinton, "Son". Nader, who I worked with, said there was NO diffeence between parties. And when folks disagreed with him, he liked the differences to "coke and pepsi".

When Bush "W" came into office, I began hearing abouut Neocon.. Neoliberals from the Democrat (because this term also changed,, to Democratic) party, joined "W".. Neo= New as in NEW. So we had Neos on the left destroying liberals, and Neos on the right, destroying conservatives (no wonder Ron Paul ate lunch by himself). Then we had Obama.. and wiki has changed the terms.. Neoliberal means Austrian Economist, Ron Paul is listed as a Neoliberal (he is also listed as a cponservative and a Libertarian). Rand has none of this BTW.

A Neocon is a Republican who supports Israel (See NEO- no longer has anything to do with a NWO) Well, since I joined the GOP (2011) and I support Israel. I'm suddenly a Neocon according to wiki, though I never voted for Bush or supported any of his actions, and don't find his blackmailing Israel anything I would call as support.

I have come to the conclusion that it's only a metter of time before we find that the USA is a cog in the UN, no different than Palestine.

Israel remains sovreign, and her biggest problem is people who LOVE freedom want to go to Israel.

Onto Hedges article:

In his first and second paragraphs, he completely ignors the Ron Paul rEVOLution and what we did infiltraiting the GOP because we care.

The third paragraph he woul;d have been more correct saying INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE COUP

forth para: I'm not a fan of Kucinich since he entangled himself in the Inniative for CA Cannabis Health and Hemp, and dumped Clayton Smith, a severly disabled activist from NH on us, as if we needed a poster boy, and the care he needed did not cross state lines, and Dr Tim Wright was killed, gave his life tryiung to help Clayton.. Jack Herer let his life go a few months later having been crushed by what Kucinich did to us. So I have very hard feelings about Dennis and Elizabeth.. SHAME ON THEM!

Fifth paragraph Hedges brings up Ron Paul rEVOLutonists: "Most of the audience of about 70 were peace activists who, as is usual at such events, were joined by a motley collection of conspiracy theorists who believe 9/11 was an inside job or that former Sen. Paul Wellstone, who died in a plane crash, was assassinated." (had I been there, that would have been me).

On the six paragraph, I see the opposition against corporate involvement, but what I don't see, it what should replace it. Being a socialist (and I should tell you, as a military brat, I see the military the perfect socialist state on Earht.. for all the work they do, they are dependent on the TAX PAYER.. the corporate wmployed tax payer).

The next three paragraphs are quotes by Scahill - ends the whole thing admitting he id depressed offers no solutions. So what is the point?

What is it that you want LibBerte? You want us to all be in the military and job to be ordered as is in a socialist system?

Maybe you want there to be a seperation of state and business?

Can you tell me?