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Comment: But why?

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But why?

Why does HE have a duty to respect that? Where does that duty come from?

If a government decides to declare some information secret, does that mean anyone who talks about that information should be punished, regardless of how that information was obtained?

How far does this extend? Snowden gave classified info to Greenwald who published them. I read Greenwald and learned the information. Hours later I went to an event where I met someone who hosts a ton of stuff with Microsoft. This person was completely unaware of the classified information revealed to me by Greenwald. I told him all about it, so now this person knows.

Should I be arrested? If I understand your position correctly you believe that I should be.

If this person I told subsequently told a coworker who didn't know Microsoft was providing the NSA with direct access to their data, should he be arrested too?

Taking this concept further: Should there be a central database of what information every single person on Earth is authorized to know, and if anyone is found to know something they aren't authorized to know they should be punished?