Comment: na, it was never a matter of worshiping anyone,

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na, it was never a matter of worshiping anyone,

it's more of just another in a long line of public figures who sorta 'straddled the divide' on various factions, who used to be able to unite various political subfactions in disparate fields (kinda like Dr. Paul in that sense) to put forth a positive vision of the future, now revealed as another petty insecure over-compensatory nerd, though, he doesn't quite fit the mold of 'sociopathic nerd' by my definition, yet; he did decline Edward Teller's offer to join him to head the development of the next generation of thermo-nuclear weapon designs.

not 'OMG! OMG! It's the end of the world'-disappointing, but nevertheless, disappointing, on a personal note.

really, more sad, seeing another 'intellectual' plainly fail the "common-sense"-test, 'tis all.

really, I'd love to see some post-Zimbardo/Milgram data and/or studies on numbers of nerds who are utterly geopolitically and economically ignorant.

Let's face it: if one can do high mathematics, solve Lie groups in their heads or at least on chalk/marker-boards, you'd think they'd be competent enough to see through the cognitive dissonance of the fact that there's NO such thing as 'we' in govt, or the utterly bodily twisting delusional self-rationalizations they go through, when trying to justify the evils of the State and its actors, yet the only solutions they see are solely through the same rapists and murderers who've brought the entire world to a ruin.

History is just one long series of consecutive false flags and groups conspiring for power, dominance and resources. This is an undeniable historically proven, verifiable fact. Yet, for all their marbles, these eggheads somehow delude that their contemporary generation is immune from realities of history, not to mention, they exhibit plainly that they simply cannot fathom the reality that at every turn, their every rationalization FOR the State/the Leviathan's violence, wholly originate with their own faulty internal emotionally-clingy belief systems.

Worse, WITHOUT them, the "sociopathic nerds" who rationalize that 'hey, I get to build rockets! so what that Hitler is the one enabling me to do so?' the tyrants would NEVER have the very tools that the sociopathic nerds themselves, in their occasional seldom moments of conscience, biotch about, to oppress them (eventually) and the rest of the 'peon' populace with.

Seriously, if 5yo children of R3VOL can figure out a few of the following, like ALL governments throughout history have ALWAYS:

- lied
- killed their own denizenry
- waged wars
- lied to get into those wars
- stole and redistributed private property
- conspired with corporatists
- eventually get wholly hijacked by corporatists whom often designed and formed those very governments

- eventually collapsed, due to institutional corruption inertia.

Then Presto! Press recycle: start all over again, with tyrants and sheeple, and the awake, like some sick Kafkaesque opera on recycle, play their dutiful roles, again, and again, and again, etc.

So then, why the FCUK is it all still such a bewilderment and "conspiracy THEORY" to these supposed 'intellectuals' who now have the benefit of digital database of world's entire recorded history at their fingertips??

Ya, rhetorical, but still: it's like a decade and $200,000 in Ivy tuition later, they're telling us that they still can't out do 5yr common sense?

It's like, yes, I 'get' that they are like that, as plainly, publicly observable, but still hard to fathom, being a member of the same biological species myself, observing the obviously physiological capable members of my own species, doing these things, over and over, PURELY out of their emotional failures.

Oy veh, what can you do? I still shudder at the prospect of knowing that, for whatever reason, such insanity seems almost built-in, to our permanent human stasis.


Silly silly humans. .o(

(that's my gallows hardy har har, then looking with dismay, at my own bemusement, with equal dismay and gallows bemusement; yeah, twisty, eh? tell me about it. lol)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul