Comment: All Of You Remember One Thing:

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All Of You Remember One Thing:

When you doubt what you know is right in your heart, you screw everything up.

Who was the first person who doubted what he intuitively knew was right?

Adam did. Adam the first man doubted God, believed the lie from the evil one through the voice of the woman.

It wasn't the woman, it was the thing that spoke through the woman.

Men and woman must not doubt the unspoken or wordless word reveals.

When you doubt yourself or the spirit living inside each and everyone of you - That is called SIN..

Because of Adam's doubt he sinned and then, what did he do, he made an excuse for his doubt or sin.

Don't we all make excuses for our sins?

God may have forgiven Adam if he didn't make an excuse for the sin. But he didn't and the rest is history. We now have a sin nature we must overcome. Practice NOT making excuses. For those living in a sin state it is virtually impossible to avoid making excuses..

Quit doubting yourselves and you will go through life much better even though you will be tested by those that have no understanding or love for the truth.

Now, Go in peace and live a good life..