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I believe i do see where you

I believe i do see where you are coming from with some things, with what you bring up and just how you say them, words can be used for multiple meanings, and its not always easy to get the exact meaning your thinking down on paper, although i think ive seen you you get very close to mirroring my own "meanings" sometimes......that is unique, general area, i get that alot, but near enough, doesnt happen all the time, and bang on mirroring of thoughts happen just as rarely

but i gotta say, and i wished i didnt have the reason to say this, is, im wondering about the other "meanings" you are bringing not discounting that you may understand things better, but my heart says i dont think i could agree with them, ever

i then thought, that, not everyone is gonna agree with one another, and thats cool, as it should be, as long as the powerfull foundation is there.....problem is, whistleblowing on government corruption is part of, at least, my, foundation.......i feel kinda torn, over your comments past, and your comments towards whistleblowers, specifically in the capacity to shed light on wrongdoing, maybe you dont, maybe its just a thing specifically with this case, and not the shedding light thing.........i will say this though, as far as i know, ive never seen you lash out at anyone, even in the face of "adversity", and a part of me will always respect that in someone

I respect a mans word, untill he breaks it
I return a mans respect, untill he shuns it
And i trust a mans honesty, until he lies to me
and a whole load of other things

im a youngish old fashioned kinda guy......dont know how that happened to be honest.......maybe to many john wayne movies my dad watched when i was growing up, that might explain those second to last three lines :P

im gonna leave this ameably here, as things stand now i think, we both can walk away with good feelings intact, getting late, and i need to be up early tomorow, and starting a long debate now may mean a grouchy day for me tomorow :) gd nite all.....or at least when my browing is finished......which knowing me, may very well last "long" anyway......dp tends to do that sometimes, great way to screw my sleep patterns, thanks dp........and here is a genuine warm hearted, ....... thanks dp