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I don't think Snowden is a fake

I think Snowden was duped. I think Snowden was impressionable, and he didn't like what he was seeing, but what he was seeing he was "given" (by Greenwald and others) a new set of eyes..

Greenwald wrote for Liberal media, and some say he supported Ron Paul. He NEVER supported Ron Paul.. he wrote "counter points", giving the liberal media a talking point about Ron Paul. If you read what Greenwalf wrote, it's as if he makes EXCUSES for Ron Paul, but he does not explain Ron Paul or write anything to get liberals to vote for Ron Paul.

I have also read that Snowden was a Ron Paul supporter.. but I have seen NOTHING showing any contributions, or letters to the editors or pictures of him at rally's breakfasts, lunches, dinners, meetups... it's HEARSAY, becasue the liberal media is saying that Snowden's attraction to Ron Paul (targetting Ron Paul supporters BTW) is what caused him to "Expose" NSA. I don't buy that.

I think Greenwald, the globalists in the Obama administration knew they had a bright, but influencable guy in Snowden, and they worked on him, where Snowden believed he was doing the right thing to give Greenwald "evidense". That is why I think Greenwald is GUILTY in a BIG WAY, and Snowden is suffering like a SOB, being used as a stump for Greenwald, who won't come to the USA, he KNOWS he had no business acceptiong those documents, and honestly, I don't think those documents are damning to anyone (corproation) but I bet the globalists are attacking corporations who are not interested in going global, because to me, myself, and no one else here, this is an INSIDE JOB of the Obama administration to destroy America's sovreignity, and force the USA to go UN.. watch.. whatcha wanna bet this goes to a UN International court? Exact5ly what we've been wanting to avoid.

And why is Israel mentioned? Because Israel did provide the tech.. they're the best in the world, and that's the kind of stuff we get from Israel for our AID bucks.. Israel is the ONLY nation who when joining the UN REFUSED to abandon their sovreignity.

It is a BIG reason I support Israel.. so where are all the Pro-sovreignists on DP? Hmmm?