Comment: Small flash before impact

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Small flash before impact

If you look at the video frame by frame, notice where the car jumps the curb and is on the median. You will see a brief small bright flash just before the lights go out when the car hits the tree.

That small flash, is the car hitting the 3" or 4" steel irrigation riser pipe that was about 50' before the tree. I believe that pipe ruptured the fuel tank as the car traveled over it. This is the pipe some have referred to as a fire hydrant, but it is part of the median irrigation system.

After the small flash, the lights go out, indicating the tree impact, and there is a short pause before a flash and then an explosion. If the fuel tank was ruptured as I believe it was from the car passing over the broken pipe, it makes sense there would be a short delay until the fuel ignited and the resulting gasoline explosion.

Also, on the Loud Labs Video of the crash scene, check this out. Please tell me what the 3 grouped indented holes are from, just past the edge of the drivers side door near the rear quarter panel?? You can view this from the video at 2:55 to 3:14. Sure look like bullet holes to me, fired through the car body into the rear of the drivers seat. Loud Labs Video: