Comment: Bob Dole, John McCain, Willard Romney

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Bob Dole, John McCain, Willard Romney

all alienated a big chunk of the GOP base while attracting 0% of the independent swing vote. They got the GOP nomination, but lost in the general election. It looks like this neocon chickenhawk is contemplating traveling that well-worn path to 2016. He even invokes 9-11 like what's his name did.

He says he believes his number one job is to protect the lives of the people he serves - whoever they are.

OK. Let us have that conversation.

The number of 9-11 victims from Christie's state of New Jersey is put at "nearly 700." That is a horrifying total. Yet, in the first two years of Christie's governorship around 755 people in New Jersey were victims of homicide. Where were you, Chris Christie, when these people were killed? You say there has not been another 9-11 attack since then because the police state works. Yet, your state has had another 9-11 in the first two years you have been governor. The PATRIOT Act works? Tell that to the families of those 755 murdered New Jersey residents.

There is nothing esoteric, or intellectual, about the lies government officials tell to try to frighten or shame people into silence, or into giving them more power.

Isn't using the dead from 9-11 becoming more and more like political necrophilia?

One of the things serial killers, like Gary Ridgway and Ted Bundy, like to do is return to the sites where they dumped the bodies of their victims and have sex with the corpses. When politicians like Christie justify their abuse of power by invoking the dead, I am reminded of that behavior of serial killers.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson