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was in a pier reviewed journal....and unless i'm misunderstanding something...until it is contended in another pier reviewed journal and proven false...i'm not sure what the argument is about. It's actually covered in great detail why they picked the journal that they did.

mark basile does not say "trust me".....not once. He actually says that people shouldn't trust him and should do the work themselves....encouraging those out there with the capabilities to follow in his footsteps.

When you say "give me a source" you mean provide you with another pier reviewed source? What would you do with the dust if you were able to obtain some? Would you take it to someone who would put their findings in a pier reviewed journal or would you just be testing it at a local university? You would just end up being another "researcher" who isn't backing up their findings in a pier reviewed journal.

Why settle for trying to obtain it from AE911 truth? Why not pursue it for yourself from the actual citizens who have samples of the dust? Basile notes that even museums have samples of the dust.

Heck i'm all for you getting ahold of some dust and doing some testing through a reputable lab. I'd love to see what you/they found.

But as it stands now...the only group who has gotten ahold of the dust and done the rigorous studies to be able to publish their findings in a pier reviewed journal is the group that concluded they found explosives.

Sure, there are a bunch of people talking at the sidelines...but you don't see any of them actually putting their reputations on the line and doing a real study.

You do realize that AE911truth is registered as a non-profit organization right? I'm not sure why anyone in their right mind would pursue this avenue....because trying to convince people of something like this destroys your life and friendships....and you're considered an outcast....perhaps they think the 3000 victims and their families deserve some real answers.

"If this is true there should be massive exposure. People need to be working all the major research universities."

I couldn't agree more.... How are you going to get exposure when you can't even get on the news to talk about it? Who's going to pay for all the major universities to do these studies? Who's going to give their time for "nutcase conspiracy" theories?

I actually agree with what you're saying....but maybe don't rely on AE911...get some samples by yourself...verify the findings of these other researchers. If I had the capabilities i'd do it in a heartbeat.