Comment: This is exactly my point

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This is exactly my point

I think this paper is impressive and worthy of much investigation. However it is the only paper of its kind. The whole point of my post is that one of the hallmarks of science is reproducibility and simply falling back on this one paper is not going to get people anywhere. This is the paper I was referring to in the post.

If this information is in fact true and "irrefutable" as you state then it really needs to be put through its paces. This needs to be verified by third parties not involved in the truth movement. That would mean not Steven Jones or Neils Harrit or others working with them. If more labs start corroborating this and other scientists who are willing to document these claims and testify in court... that is going to dramatically change things.

As it stands now, this paper was published in 2009, and where has it gotten us? Perhaps you are satisfied with what the truth movement has accomplished?