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Useful "idiot"

Since you are having a hard time connecting the dots, I don't want to confue you, or myself in responding to you. I am not expert. I have enjoyed conspiracy theory for decades, long before Al Gore invented the internet. Si what I am basing my whole premise on, it what my tin foil hat tells me. Entertainment, not science, not art, not facts, except a few that I may know. I could be completely wrong, or I may be partially correct. I don't know, nor does anyone here.

I never read anywhere that Snowden gave RP anything. Do you have a link? I never read who Snowden voted for.

I wouldn't even care too much about this IF it were not for the fact that when it began, Ron Paul was mentioned. THAT concerns ME because I campaigned for my seat as a RP GOP, and IF I might hear something, or someone want to "globally" (as in making a general seeumption that ALL RP supporters are like Snowden, I am concerned.

As a RP GOP (now Rand) I would never go to a guy like Greenwald, IF I was in Snowden possition. I would have gone to The Judge Napolitano, or someone who I felt KNEW Constitutional law, and ask them what to do. This is why I feel, and what I know of Liberals, they mislead, bait, "chum", and this is why I feel that Snowden didn't think this up by himself, he was baited into it, and left to hang in Russia, where Rand Paul warned him to NOT go.

If he's a Ron Paul supporter, why is he going to globalist liberals, and not taking the advice of those who defend the Constitution? I DON'T KNOW, but it doesn't add up to me. Snowden is NOT a fake to me, he's been DUPED. TO ME. Snowden was set up, TO ME.

I don't know what I said that indicated to you that I said Snowden support of Ron Paul is what caused him to "expose" (he has not exposed anything, GREENWALD has). I am concerned about the connection, which I asked you for a lonk, because I have never seen any link, just hearsay about Snowden being a Ron Paul supporter.


I never thought Snowden was a fake. I believe the SNOWJOB, the case, the story is a set-up, an inside job, Snowden was used.

Greenwald is ONE of the orgastrators.. least we forget, I have been into conspiracy theory a long time, and this has my tin foil hat glowing. ENTERTAINMENT If you are looking for something beyond that from me, I apologise to you let me repeat THIS IS MY SPECULATION.

Greenwald is GUILTY of talking to Snowden before he accepted classified documents he had NO LEGAL BAISES to accept. Then Greenwald threatened the USA.. just search Greenwald threat and you will get many links.

You and I don't agree on what a journalist's business is.

You say there is a lot of risk to Greenwald traveling in the USA? Really? Why is that? Because the USA is a bad evil empire that needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth and Greenwald is a good man simplty doing a great job to preotect all people of Earth?

I don't buy that.

It's not good news to the evil bad corporations to the USA? Maybe the USA wou;ld be much better if the global government ran things? Or maybe we could be like the military and live happily ever after in a socialist state?

So to you, this is about taking out US corporations? Whipe out private business and make it a socialist government? State owns and operates everything? Would that be better?

How did Israel remain sovreign and please see the documentary, The Legal Case for Israel