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to be clear..

John23 gave a link to another AE911 truth video that has compelling testimony. This is not what I asked for. What I am asking for is an active effort to get this testing done by either large well respected universities or reputable independent companies that can certify and testify to the results.

As things stand now all there is are testimony from people like Mark Basile who are doing this in their spare time. I take Mr Basile seriously. He seems like a nice and sincere guy. But this needs to be reproduced by people not associated with AE911 so that it cannot be casually written off as it has been for what, six years now.

Imagine for a moment that I had not made up this thread and tomorrow Richard Gage gave the following speech:

"I have used your generous donations to contract with the nations most respected analytical chemistry firm. They have analyzed the WTC dust and not only can they corroborate the findings of Neils Harrit they have, due to their access to highly sophisticated methods, been able to elucidate a great deal about the source of these materials. As part of our contract and given the serious nature of the findings they will be serving as co-plaintif in a suit against the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, demanding an account for the fraudulent coverup of this obvious and ubiquitous evidence of high energy explosives in all world trade center dust."

Now ask yourself this question? at that point would you be thinking, this gage is unreasonable. He already had the Harrit paper, why did he waste the time and money with all the independent confirmation? or would you be saying "heck yeah, its on man!"

You see what I am saying? This is not too much to ask. It should be expected. The fact that such a thing is not happening is a red flag to me.