Comment: I upvoted, and think it's

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I upvoted, and think it's

I upvoted, and think it's crazy people down vote so easily.

And I think you're right to fully equate the two teenagers. Its a fact Martin's rights were violated. Past that, maybe he screwed up and got himself killed at some point, but I dont know that, and no one else beside Martin and Zimmerman know.

Sorry you're getting downvoted by people who have no trouble believing that the Federal Reserve chairman is trying to sabotage the country's economy. Believing that our president faked his birth certificate. That two dudes who set a backpack down and then it blew up and killed people, are innocent. That our intelligence service orchestrated a terrorist attack involving killing thousands of our own people with a plot straight from a TV show involving the guy who owns the biggest buildings in new york city agreeing to blow them up with people in them to collect the insurance money. People who believed Mitt Romney was systematically hijacking rural vote counts in South Carolina to reverse the votes from Ron Paul to himself lol.

Yet a dude who essentially was asked by cops when they showed up to his crime scene 'should we take you to jail, or not?', chose 'no'. And then stuck to that story. So far-fetched he could be lying right? Yeah, pretty sure it was the thug's fault. Yeah, the dead black kid over there. You know, cuz Sean Hannity's version of events are usually pretty close to the truth. Right... Not saying I know, just saying its crazy like he's suddenly got like ron paul hero status for shooting someone cuz he was getting beat up. And that's like the most forgiving hypothetical version of events.

Anyway, good article.