Comment: Honestly, everyone is already

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Honestly, everyone is already

Honestly, everyone is already gone. The population has dropped so far. As far as the people left, its probably just home, and they have no interest moving permanently somewhere else.

I was just there last August for the first time, and I could tell it was nowhere near the happening city I'd heard of it as when I was growing up, but it also wasn't completely dead. It wasn't like Chicago style busy by any means, but the people that were out and about were nice, and being productive enjoying the weather and whatnot. Yeah there were some crackheads and lots of abandoned buildings in parts, but also on the other side of the street, businesses opening, really nice neat looking stuff. I talked to a couple first time business owners opening really creative style cafes and shops and whatnot. And not on some gentrification shit haha. Legitimate Detroit native, all races, probably mostly Obama voting but secretly and in practice libertarians.

I feel like the liberals exaggerate it because ironically they want to 'conserve' the way it has been, and just can't deal with the fact its going through a natural change. Like is not how big you were ten years ago, it just is what it is. If you're Detroit, and now you're like a small ass town, okay that's fine. Whereas I feel like liberals can't deal with the fact there's not as many people paying taxes and being controlled by government and away from their families at ten hour a day factory jobs. I know fake conservatives are the problem too, but the stuff the 'liberals' on MSNBC in particular say about Detroit is just insane. These people understand nothing.

You should visit if you're really curious. Its really not scary like MSNBC tries to make it seem.