Comment: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out

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"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out

and remove all doubt."

"that's a pretty ignorant asinine statement have you ever been to a neighborhood watch meeting?"

No but I know you have a right to follow a suspicious person and phone in the location to 911.

"Okay, so maybe you're right about the gun not having a safety. And this is what I had heard from the MSM"

Repeating MSM non sense is your problem. Try thinking for yourself and you wont come off half as stupid.

Smoking pot didn't make Trayvon a thug. Stealing jewelry, fighting people and bragging about it, possessing burglary tools, taking pictures flipping off the camera and holding a gun, getting suspended from school, getting kicked out of your mothers house and having to go live with your dad because of "behavior problems" makes him a thug.

"And as far as the actual fight goes nobody knows what happened"

The only intelligent thing you said. Unfortunately you went on to suggest Zimmerman approached Trayvon with his gun drawn. Testimony suggests Zimmerman was on the ground getting his head smashed repeatedly into the cement before he drew his gun. Zimmerman had a holster and the gun was holstered until he drew it laying on his back. the forensics proved zimmerman shot trayvon while he was on top of him on the ground.