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Dear Bill3,

I'm a poor writer? Interesting. Are you a better writer? The "this/that" you speak of is a literary device us "poor writers" call juxtaposition. Perhaps you should google it..and familiarize yourself..

As for the perception that I seriously care that people down-voted my article.. well.. it's an assumption..on your part. I don't. I actually think it's kinda funny. I wouldn't care if it had thousands of down-votes. I can assure you I'd lol harder.

As for your pseudo-intellectual blather about how voting up/down articles or caring about such things equates to being "no friend of truth".. I won't even worry myself with what you mean. Rest assured.. I and anyone/everyone reading realizes that you're merely talking out of your rear.

Hey Bill3.. really hope you're able to grasp "juxtaposition"...maybe then you'll be able to push through writing that's a bit above your current level of comprehension. It will be fun! Best of luck in the future.