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Re: "yet the disciples in his presence could perform EXACTLY the same miracles as Jesus."

I don't get your point.

Re:"Gnostics consider Jesus the man to be an avatar, just as you described Docetism. I certainly have no quarrel with that. However...the worst forms of violence have occurred... Just WHO has failed miserably at following the "second greatest commandment? Just WHO is the "antichrist"?"

You can't blame Christian theology for the actions of those who don't follow that theology. It's a false dichotomy to weigh false Christians against Gnostics as if those are the only choices. I don't think you need to look to the Gnostics to find peaceful followers of Christ in history, there were plenty of christian groups throughout history who were not under Rome, but rather were persecuted by it and yet held biblical theology. When I think of Christianity, I would never think of people like Bush or Obama who profess Christianity and promote pre-emptive war. I would sooner think of Ron Paul who is not a gnostic.

Re:" Now, WHERE, in these two verses, does God distinguish between one man or woman and another?"

I'm not sure what you're getting at here.
The book of Galatians teaches that men and women have equal value, unlike the Gospel of Thomas.