Comment: I'd be willing to bet ...

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I'd be willing to bet ...

that you and pretty much everyone else have to. If you were to ever copy and paste some of the URLs created by forms and whatnot that use the GET method (when key/value pairs and/or session I.D.s are included in the address, as opposed to the POST method which hides everything but the page address) you'd see that some URLs are the size of paragraphs when pasted into a text editor (or even into the textarea on the DP). The odds that most of us have never come across a URL that didn't have 666 somewhere in it (shit, some of us may have had our SS# created at random) are slim to none. I should've said, "most that have been using the WWW for a good while."

Could be purposeful, could easily be random. Neither would surprise me.

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