Comment: No it doesn't, Rothschild apologist

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No it doesn't, Rothschild apologist

Make the asset tax apply only to all billionaires. There aren't that many billionaires. There are plenty of citizens who will volunteer to levy the asset tax on them. Republican Boy George Bush appointed Republican Chief Justice Roberts who says that Congress can impose any tax it likes on anyone it likes. Therefore, let that tax be on the Bill Gates's and Warren Buffett's. What is needed to pay off the national debt? 90% tax on billionaires? 99% tax? If the billionaires complain, then let them file lawsuits and force them to demonstrate that other billionaires are not paying their "fair share". But in NO case shall the asset tax apply to non-billionaires. But no, the Pauls will not stand for it, because they are bought and paid for by the central bankers, who demand that We the People, not the billionaires, pay off "our" so-called debt to the central banksters.