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Religious Obscenities

"It might be in somesense “logical” that Communists would arrest priests and pastors as counter revolutionaries. But why were priests compelled by the Marxists in the Romanian prison of Piteshti to say Mass over excrement and urine? Why were Christians tortured into taking Communion with these as the elements? Why such an obscene mockery of religion? Why did the Romanian Orthodox priest Roman Braga, whom I knew personally when he was a prisoner of the Communists, and who presently resides in the U.S.A., have his teeth knocked out one by onewith an iron rod in order to make him blaspheme? The Communists had explained to him and others: “If we kill you Christians, you go to heaven.But we don’t want you to be crowned martyrs. You should curse God first and then go to hell.” In the prison of Piteshti the Communists would force a very religious prisoner to be “baptized”daily by putting his head into the barrel in which his fellowsufferers had fulfilled their necessities, meanwhile obliging the other prisoners to sing the baptismal service. A theology student was forced to dress in white sheets (in imitation of Christ’s robe), and a phallus made out of soap was hung around his neck with a string. Christians were beaten to insanity to force them to kneel before such a mocking image of Christ. After they had kissed thesoap, they had to recite part of the liturgy.
Some prisoners were compelled to take off their trousers and sit with their naked bottoms onopen Bibles. Such blasphemous practices were perpetrated for at least two years with the full knowledge of the Party’s top leadership. What have such indignities to do with socialism and the well-being of the proletariat? Were their anticapitalist slogans not merely pretexts for organizing Satanic blasphemies and orgies? Marxists are supposed to be atheists who believe in neither heaven nor hell. In these extreme circumstances, Marxism has lifted its atheistic mask to reveal its true face, the face of Satanism.Communist persecution of religion might have a human explanation, but the fury of such perverse persecution can only be Satanic."

BTW ...Stalin had 18 summer homes if I remember correctly.